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What’s your restaurant loss prevention strategy?

Margins are tight for quick service restaurants. Between food losses, high staff turnover and employee theft, it’s getting tougher to turn a profit. Consider these facts:

  • QSRs lose up to 7% of revenue due to employee theft
  • Employee theft accounts for 75% of restaurant industry losses
  • 75% of employees have admitted to stealing from the workplace at least once

The right restaurant loss prevention solution can help you cut these losses and keep more of your profits.

A hassle-free video solution

Enhance restaurant security and uncover employee theft without the burden of purchasing and maintaining your own video server. With Searchlight for Retail as a service, you can access video surveillance of all of your restaurants and receive custom reports that analyze important security and operational issues. Because the service is hosted and maintained by March Networks Managed Services team, our staff takes care of day-to-day system maintenance and administration, leaving you free to focus on your business.

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Locate Suspect Transactions

Dramatically reduce losses from discount abuse and employee theft with Searchlight’s transaction reports, which let you quickly locate suspicious activity such as multiple voids or discounts by the same employee. Match receipts with video for comprehensive oversight of all of your POS systems.

Monitor Your Operations

Keep an eye on your restaurant operations with Searchlight’s operational audits reports, which show you how clean locations are, if promotions are in place, if employees are dressed properly and if procedures are being followed.

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See What’s Going On –
Without Going In!

The March Networks Alert Communication Tool (ACT) delivers real-time notifications—based on incoming alarms and alerts—via Command Enterprise Software, to third-party devices like instant message, email and smart lighting systems. These notifications are from alarms that have been configured on your March Networks recorder, including AI-based alarms from the ME6 Series IP Cameras, which are equipped with video intelligence. The stopped vehicle analytic alerts you in real-time about customers arriving to your restaurant for curbside pickup, and provides a visual record of all curbside deliveries for future review.

Gather Business Intelligence

Improve customer service and grow your profits with Searchlight’s business intelligence. Collect data on customer traffic, service times and queue lengths, and determine conversion rates. Searchlight’s metrics can help you accurately assess your store operations and improve the customer experience.

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Why Searchlight for Retail as a Service?

Conveniently manage all of your restaurants while also gaining access to loss prevention reports & video-based operational intelligence.

  • Business and operational intelligence
  • Enhanced security
  • Secure, hosted solution
  • Restaurant loss prevention reports
  • Retail incident/compliance reports
  • Worry-free health monitoring and system maintenance
  • Convenient payment options

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