Crew Communication Platform With HDX Digital Audio


The Total Solution for Restaurant Communication.

Developed for an industry that is evolving faster than ever before, the all-new NEXEO | HDX platform takes communication beyond the drive-thru and into key areas of your restaurant. NEXEO | HDX improves crew conversations, adds a touchscreen display,

introduces voice commands, and enhances the drive-thru ordering experience with HDX Digital Audio. It’s the industry’s first communication platform designed to grow with your business. NEXEO | HDX changes the way you connect with your crew, interact with your headsets, and serve your customers.

A New Era in Crew Communication

Unmatched Sound Clarity

Market-Leading Wideband HD Audio

NEXEO’s HDX Digital Audio builds upon the greatest advancement in drive-thru sound clarity, Wideband HD Audio. Our patented technology dramatically reduces background noise and expands audio bandwidth to include higher and lower voice frequencies than other systems, resulting in a perfectly clear drive-thru ordering experience both for order takers and customers alike.

Exceed Expectations with:

HDX Digital Audio

Voice Commands

Interactive Touchscreen Display

NEXEO & ZOOM Nitro® Integration

Tap-to-Connect Registration

Group and 1:1 Conversations

Automated Order Taking

Targeted Alerts and Reminders

HME Nexeo® | HDX drive thru system

Your Unrivaled Partner for Automated Order Taking (AOT)

Engineered to Seamlessly Support Your Preferred AOT System

Especially designed for tight integration with AOT systems, NEXEO enables a seamless automated experience unlike any other. Thanks to NEXEO’s unmatched end-to-end digital audio, your AOT system can “hear” customers in HD Audio, which is key for higher order accuracy and a better customer experience.

While the AI greets customers and takes orders, your team is freed to enhance key areas of your operation with personable face-to-face interactions when it matters most. Plus, NEXEO can take over the ordering process by a crew member if necessary, or through an automatic escalation from the bot, ensuring your guests experience fast, accurate ordering and keeping the queue moving quickly.

Actionable Insight You Can Hear

Staying on top of your drive-thru performance is now easier than ever with performance alerts delivered directly to your headsets. Integration between NEXEO and the ZOOM Nitro® Timer enables alerts that state exactly which metric needs your immediate attention.

Alerts are delivered only to the team members you choose, providing critical insight to the right person at the right time. Enhance awareness to key events like when a customer in the drive-thru lane exceeds your specified total wait time, taking your drive-thru operation to the next level.

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HME Nexeo® | HDX drive thru system

NEXEO HDX alerts and video detection enable your team to prioritize mobile guests.

Hear an alert in real time when a customer leaves the queue without placing an order.


Cut Out The Noise Clutter

Optimize Your Team Communication

With the capability for multiple independent conversations at once, including drive-thru communication, NEXEO exceeds expectations for restaurant communication. One-to-one calls facilitate training and coaching, keeping your crew focused and engaged. Group calls enable teams to stay better connected, increasing efficiency and improving service across all areas of your restaurant. Additionally, targeted alerts and reminders empower you to choose the automated notifications that each person and group hears, reducing unnecessary interruptions and significantly reducing the noise clutter.

Nexeo HDX drive thru system - cut out the noise clutter
HME Nexeo | HDX Drive Thru System

Intelligent & Intuitive Control Center

Sleek, Easy-to-Use Interface

Unlike other systems, the all-new NEXEO | HDX base station is installed at eye level for easy interaction. The colorful 7-inch display makes it easy to connect headsets, change settings, and see battery and system health information. Know the status of all the platform components by looking at the base station display. View important system information like network connectivity, headset status, speaker/mic status, loop health, and more. Plus, choose from multiple language settings and enable your team to interact with NEXEO in their preferred language.

HME Nexeo HDX Drive Thru System

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