Cabling & Networking

We specialize in cultivating long term partnerships to provide the best communications possible. 

Taylor’s Communications Inc is a low voltage, licensed contractor serving Florida and Georgia with more than 25 years of experience in communications. We specialize in cultivating long term partnerships to provide the best communications possible.

TCI is a Florida based, locally owned and operated company that believes in honest, prompt, and reliable service for segments including quick-serve and fast casual food service, network technology (phone/data/sound), security (digital surveillance), entertainment (satellite radio/sound) and hospitality segments. 

Ethernet Cabling

Ethernet is the most common network cable types used for wired networks. Ethernet cables connect computers, phones, network switches, and network routers in LAN (local area networks).

Though WiFi connectivity is becoming more and more popular due to ethernet limitations, wired networks are more reliable and faster than other options.

Fiber Optic Cabling

Ethernet maxes at just over 300 feet. When cable lengths reach this limit, signal quality and bandwidth speed is greatly affected. For runs over 300 ft, fiber optic is the solution.

Fiber is also a great solution for outdoor application. Why do we choose fiber for long run and outdoor solutions? Fiber is immune to power surges and elements. Why? Its glass. It insulates and doesn’t conduct electricity. Interference and electromagnetic field resistant.


  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Termination
  • Phone Jacks and Phone System Installations
  • Category 5e Networking
  • Category 6 networking
  • Fiber
  • Underground Conduit and Cabling
  • Feeder/Demarcation
  • Paging Systems/P.A.
  • Structured cabling with layout/diagram
  • Labeling of jacks & patch panels
  • Test and verification of installed work
  • Wireless Installation
    • Rooftop
    • Fixed wireless
    • Point-to-point wireless
  • Two year warranty – Materials and labor

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