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Drive-Thru Timer System with HME CLOUD® Enterprise Management

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Zoom Drive Thru Timer

HME ZOOM NITRO® Drive-Thru Timer

Go beyond the drive-thru lane and measure the entire customer experience. With all key areas of your operation now visible on the dashboard, you gain a more accurate representation of customers’ total experience time.

More Than Just a Drive-Thru Timer

With all key areas of your operation now visible on the dashboard, you gain a more accurate representation of customers’ total experience time. A true measurement of your customers’ experience provides actionable insight for data-driven decisions that help reduce drive-offs, improve speed of service, and provide a better customer experience.

HME Zoom Timer
HME Zoom Timer Integrated Alerts

Critical Insight Delivered to the Right Person at the Right Time

Integration between the ZOOM Nitro Timer and the NEXEO | HDX Crew Communication Platform makes it easier than ever to stay on top of your drive-thru performance. Alerts are sent from your ZOOM Nitro Timer to your NEXEO headset, providing actional insight to key staff when it matters most and leading to immediate action that improves performance on the spot.  Enhance your team’s awareness to key events like when a customer in the drive-thru lane exceeds your specified lane total wait time, and take your operation to the next level.

HME Zoom Timer Mobile
HME Zoom Timer Mobile Detection
HME Zoom Timer Mobile Detection actionable items

Seamless Mobile Experience

Easily identify a mobile order customer by the blue outline that appears around the order number on the dashboard.

Add More Detection Points

All key areas of your operation are visible on the dashboard. Display up to 16 different independent spaces such as mobile pickup and pull-forward.

Actionable Insights

Understand traffic flows and volume trends. Identify improvement opportunities specific to each store, like analyzing volume trends to assist with staffing plans.

Identify Drive-Offs in Real Time

Video detection enables you to track and measure every customer, including those waiting beyond the menu board. If a customer leaves the queue without placing an order, a notification appears on the dashboard letting your team know they need to act quickly to fix the bottleneck and prevent other drive offs. Review performance report to identify the dayparts that experience the most drive offs, enabling your team to improve operations and maximize profitability.

Zoom Timer Drive Off Identification
Timer POS Integration Enables Data-Driven Decisions

POS Integration Enables Data-Driven Decisions

ZOOM Nitro supports integration with multiple POS systems to provide key transactional data to further enable data-driven decisions.* You can see on the dashboard each vehicle’s POS transaction number with wait time to present the right order quickly and easily to the right car for greater order accuracy. Or choose to display the order total with wait time to better anticipate a large order and pull the car forward to serve others faster.

*POS integration and geofence availability varies by brand. Call your HME representative for details on POS and mobile integrations readily available or in plan for your organization.

Complete Visibility for Greater Insights

Video detection has arrived. An easy add-on to your existing ZOOM Nitro Timer and detectors, video detection offers unmatchable timer visibility from parking lot entry to exit. Plus, the ZOOM Nitro Timer integrates with various POS systems, supports geofencing technology, and provides your choice of multiple detection options. With ZOOM Nitro you have all the information needed, in-store and in performance reports, to maximize your bottom line and gain a greater understanding of the entire customer journey.

Zoom Nitro Timer Geo Fencing

Video Detection that Leverages Your Existing Technology

Zoom Video Diagram

Adding video detection to your store means seamlessly increasing your timer’s visibility to track and measure customers well before they reach the menu board, in pull-forward spaces, and curbside pickup areas. Whether it’s video detection, wired loops, wireless, or ultra-sonic, all detection methods work together to increase your timer’s visibility. ZOOM Nitro delivers the unparalleled visibility and insight you need to surpass service expectations and maximize profitability.

Detection zones are uniquely configured within a region of interest based on your store’s specific layout.

Zoom Video Diagram and detection points camera

Way More Than Just A Timer

Zoom Nitro Gaming

ZOOM Nitro Gamification
Add Fun Competition to Your Drive-Thru

Gamification takes drive-thru performance to the next level. Add contests, awards, real-time feedback, and Smack Talk to engage your team and maximize performance.

Zoom Nitro Leader Board

ZOOM Nitro Leaderboard
Performance Ranking for a Motivational Boost

Create multi-store competitions and see how your store stacks up against others in real time. Compare performance metrics and motivate your team to reach the top.

Zoom Nitro Data Tile

ZOOM Nitro Data
Multi-Store Management with Ease

Customizable reporting provides an in-depth analysis of your entire operation. Target key areas of improvement and stay on top of your restaurants’ performance. Anytime. Anywhere.