PAR G5® Drive-Thru Headsets

PAR has everything you need to build the best drive-thru experience to keep guests coming back. Revolutionize your drive-thru all at once with our comprehensive hardware and software.

Par G5 Drive Thru System From Taylor's Communications Inc
PAR G5 Drive Thru System from Taylor's Communications Inc

Delivering the Magic, Loud and Clear

Communication is king when working the drive-thru. PAR’s G5 headset makes every order crystal clear and is built to last.

  • All-day battery life with built in accelerometer keeps you going from breakfast to the midnight rush
  • Modular components make changing batteries, wapping out batteries and pods in seconds
  • Comfortable, ergonomic fit for all head sizes

PAR G5 Base Station + Accessories

Expand the range and durability of drive-thru operations with PAR’s full line of accessories for the G5 headset line.

  • Software upgrade from single to dual-lane on-site
  • Built-in greeter with up to 16 pre-recorded messages
  • Easily charge headsets without the need to disassemble
PAR G5 Drive Thru System Battery Charger
PAR G5 Drive Thru Headset

Key Benefits of PAR G5 Headsets

  • Increase order accuracy and speed of service with clear reliable communications
  • Spend less time maintaining equipment and more time line busting
  • Software allows you to update single to dual lane with a simple software update
  • Boost restaurant efficiency with the no down-time headset system

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PAR G5 Maintenance & Support From Taylor's Communications Inc.
PAR G5 Maintenance & Support From Taylor's Communications Inc.

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