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HME Zoom Drive-Thru Timer System


drive-thru timer user-friendly designZOOM’s intuitive, user-friendly design makes it easy to set up and configure to meet your drive-thru operational goals.

drive-thru timer eventsMultiple events are displayed at a single glance in text or graphical formats on the ZOOM dashboard display.


A whole new way of looking at drive-thru operations. The ZOOMdrive-thru timer system features a bright dashboard display that presents up to eight customizable, real-time events to compare actual service times to goals.

  • Easily seen from anywhere, and easily configured
    to meet your preferences.
  • Bright colors and easy-to-read graphics provide
    an instant picture of what’s happening.
  • Real-time drive-thru management.
  • Immediate feedback keeps crews motivated
    and running at peak efficiency.

drive-thru timer system flexible reporting

Within one week of installingZOOM at a store with historical speed-of-service problems, we shaved 22 seconds off our total drive-thru time.

Taco Bell District Manager

Graphical reports streamline information and help analyze data more efficiently.

drive-thru timer daypart scheduleAutomatically schedule day-part, shift, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and year-to-date reports at the click of a mouse.


The ZOOM drive-thru timer system lets you generate preconfigured or customized reports with ease.

  • Pie chart, bar, trend and other graphical reports
    provide new insight and instant feedback on
    drive-thru performance.
  • Identify trends and anticipate and resolve
    problems with ease.


Drive-Thru Timer Systems From Taylor’s Communications

Delphi Displays Fast Track Timer

Delphi Fast Track TimerDelphi Display drive-thru vehicle timer systems provide the critical information needed to optimize speed-of-service at your drive-thru. Detailed vehicle timing information on high resolution in-store displays for an instantaneous view into critical performance metrics. In addition to in-store dashboard displays, the timing information can be displayed on any browser including your smart phone or tablet. Increase your profit at the drive-thru with a Delphi drive-thru timer system.

Screen shot 2014-08-29 at 5.46.47 PMInsight TRACK®

Insight Track® is a proprietary software and hardware solution that works in conjunction with Delphi’s industry-leading timer to provide real-time visibility into drive-thru performance. Insight Track displays detailed vehicle timing information on high resolution in-store LCD screens to optimize the drive-thru. Insight Track stores detailed timing metrics for each car and can maintain up to 5 years of data to generate reports and comparisons over time.Screen shot 2014-08-29 at 5.46.53 PM


Delphi’s Fast Track® Drive-Thru Timer

(formerly Fast Track 3000 DTIS)

Fast Track Legacy TimerDelphi’s Fast Track® Drive-Thru Timer provides critical information for operators to measure thru-put at the drive-thru. The Fast Track Drive-Thru Timing System displays detailed vehicle timing information on high resolution displays. Show your drive-thru team a customizable dashboard of key information to optimize every car. With 12 user-friendly templates available, it’s easy to customize the displays onsite. Multi-color graphs and visual indicators let the team know when goals have been exceeded or more performance is needed.

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Hyperactive Technologies Drive Thru Timer 

Screen shot 2014-08-29 at 5.56.07 PM

It’s time to get real about your drive-thru, your business depends on it.

QTimer Drive Thru System


QTimer® is the leading real-time drive-thru management system from HyperActive Technologies® and is the ultimate tool for the quick-service restaurant (QSR) drive-thru looking to shave seconds off their drive-thru.


QTimer® is one of the most innovative real-time drive-thru management systems in the world. It can easily integrate with more than 30 point of sale (POS) systems and continues to be the industry’s fastest growing drive-thru solution. Its fluid integration with point-of-sale systems provides valuable insight to menu items, order size, out of stock items and speed issues that may be causing slowdowns in the restaurant’s drive-thru.


QTimer: Time is Money

QTimer® Drive-thru Management System is the ultimate tool for the QSR drive-thru. QTimer’s ability to follow the flow of vehicles in a drive-thru and be integrated with the POS system gives owners and managers the unprecedented knowledge and control over their stores. This actionable information allows for immediate drive-thru improvements. As the only drive-thru management system (extensive timer) with POS integration, QSR owners now have a transaction number to match up with each car that entered their lane in any given day providing the tools to enhance theft prevention.
The QTimer Difference

  • Most comprehensive, real-time drive-thru management system on the market
  • POS integration, each car is matched with an order number
  • Measure multiple service points simultaneously
  • Visual representation of cars in line
  • Less than 3% failure rate
  • Daypart service times right on the dashboard
  • Track and compare performance towards goals
  • Above-store reporting makes data available via PC or Smartphone

It’s simple: Whether it’s one store or 100 stores, you can easily track and respond to issues that could negatively impact your profitability whether it be bottlenecks in your drive-thru operations, theft prevention, or seeing the success of one of your drive-thrus when compared to another of your locations. When you need the right kind of metrics to run your quick service restaurant correctly, you need QTimer. Click here for more information on how adding QTimer to your drive-thru will make you wonder how you ever lived without it.

QTimer Dashboard

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