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Delphi Displays Fast Track Timer

Delphi Fast Track TimerDelphi Display drive-thru vehicle timer systems provide the critical information needed to optimize speed-of-service at your drive-thru. Detailed vehicle timing information on high resolution in-store displays for an instantaneous view into critical performance metrics. In addition to in-store dashboard displays, the timing information can be displayed on any browser including your smart phone or tablet. Increase your profit at the drive-thru with a Delphi drive-thru timer system.

Screen shot 2014-08-29 at 5.46.47 PMInsight TRACK®

Insight Track® is a proprietary software and hardware solution that works in conjunction with Delphi’s industry-leading timer to provide real-time visibility into drive-thru performance. Insight Track displays detailed vehicle timing information on high resolution in-store LCD screens to optimize the drive-thru. Insight Track stores detailed timing metrics for each car and can maintain up to 5 years of data to generate reports and comparisons over time.Screen shot 2014-08-29 at 5.46.53 PM


Delphi’s Fast Track® Drive-Thru Timer

(formerly Fast Track 3000 DTIS)

Fast Track Legacy TimerDelphi’s Fast Track® Drive-Thru Timer provides critical information for operators to measure thru-put at the drive-thru. The Fast Track Drive-Thru Timing System displays detailed vehicle timing information on high resolution displays. Show your drive-thru team a customizable dashboard of key information to optimize every car. With 12 user-friendly templates available, it’s easy to customize the displays onsite. Multi-color graphs and visual indicators let the team know when goals have been exceeded or more performance is needed.

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