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CablingTaylor’s Communications will design and install your networking and cabling system as well as needed panels, hubs, racks and peripherals. Taylor’s Communications provides troubleshooting and additions to existing system and will gladly assist in relocations.
Taylor’s Communications Inc. Specializing in Cabling and Networking Solutions for the Following Technologies:

  • Category 3, 5, 5e, 6
  • Fiber Optic
  • Coaxial (TV/Satellite/Cameras)
  • Cable and Fiber Certification
  • Line Certification



*Minimum 20 drops

If Taylor’s Communications Inc charges $85.00 per drop when other companies charge $150 or more, what exactly is provided for $85?  Answer:  Everything the $150 a drop company charges.

  • Category 5e PVC Cable Runs ( Includes Faceplate, Category 5e Jack and Up To 150′ 0f Category 5e PVC Cable in Drop Ceiling Tile, Site Provided Outlet Boxes with Conduit Stubbed into Overhead Ceiling.)
  • Cable is Terminated on Both Ends (Customer Provided Patch Panel)
  • Labeled and Certified to Category 5e Specifications With Available Documentation

Line Certification



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