3M Wireless Communications Systems Model XT-1

3M™ Wireless Communication Systems Model XT-1

XT-1 Headset System used in Drive-Thru

Now with added features!

Faster, more accurate orders. Improved communication. Better customer service. 3M is able to help you achieve these with the perfect combination of advanced technology, forward-thinking support and responsive service. Our wireless communication system is built to ensure years of more efficient operations that can help grow your bottom line. When you look at all we have to offer, it’s Clearly the sound decision.

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XT-1 Drive-Thru Headset System on digital background

Digital Clarity, Proven Reliability

Crystal clear sound helps improve order accuracy and boosts customer satisfaction Advanced technology that improves communication with your customers

  • Amazing sound quality at the post and in the kitchen
  • Noise-reduction feature minimizes outside noises as well as kitchen noises
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation reduces echoes
  • Automatic Gain Control helps to keeps volume steady
  • Spread Spectrum reduces interference
  • Available for single-lane and multi-lane configurations

XT-1 QSR headset system reminder examples

Software Solutions That Keep You Running Smoothly

Customizable messages can be used to encourage up sell and improve productivity

  • Use up to 8 greeter messages to promote key products
  • Recorded alerts (up to 4) and reminders (up to 16) help increase compliance
  • Messages can be scheduled by daypart
  • Headset voice prompts can indicate low battery, out-of-range device and other helpful tips

Designed For Year-Round Performance Reduce Downtime With Proactive System Diagnostics

  • Remote self-diagnosis helps you ensure your system is running smoothly
  • Durable components designed specifically for QSR business

A Smart System With Added Enhancements

An easy-to-use program that is built to help your whole team

  • Self-guided video training allows manager to focus on core business
  • User-friendly approach to registering headsets
  • Multiple order-taking options can be customized for each worker’s preference
  • Data tracking available to check performance
  • System can be programmed to lower post volume at night


3M Drive-Thru Headset G5 System

3M Drive-Thru Headset G5 Training Modules

We’re dedicated to providing QSR’s with all the support you need, from seamless installation outside of peak restaurant hours to training staff at launch and ongoing training efforts. The training features below will help familarize you and your staff with 3M Drive-Thru Headset G5 System.

Instructional Guides:
XT-1 Operating Instructions (PDF, 863k)
Greeter End-User Instruction Manuals (coming soon)
V5 Store Manager Training Supplement (coming soon)

XT-1 Manager TrainingFeatured Training

3M™ Wireless Communication System Model XT-1 Manager Training Guide

This online guide will familarize managers with operating instructions, configuration and modes for your Model XT-1, and features an order-taking training video for your greeters

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